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Matt Hiltman: Health Insurance Would Help Matt and Other Georgians Recover From Mental Illness

Matt Hiltman lowered his shoulder as his horse galloped down the windswept field, kicking up clods of earth in its wake. His steel armor gleamed in the bright sun, and the audience on the sidelines roared with anticipation. Two horses and two riders fast approached each other on a collision course. The crowd fell silent … Read More >

Julia Asherman: Many farmers struggle to protect most valuable part of their farm—themselves

Originally posted by the Georgia Budget and PolicyInstitute Julia Asherman is a first-generation farmer who owns and operates Rag & Frass Farm in Twiggs County. Rag & Frass produces beautiful vegetables, fruits and specialty flowers for customers throughout Middle and North Georgia. “I feel like farming is just very fulfilling,” says Julia, “I’ve always been … Read More >