The Governor’s plan is made up of two parts:

  1. Reinsurance—which would help to lower premiums for health plans sold on the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace ( starting in 2022; and
  2. The Georgia Access model—which would force consumers to enroll in coverage through profit-driven insurance companies and web brokers instead of the unbiased enrollment platform that consumers know & trust (

While reinsurance would help some middle- and high-income Georgia consumers by lowering premiums, the rest of the Governor’s plan poses serious risks to families and individuals in Georgia. The plan does not add any new ways for people to shop for health coverage. Instead, it eliminates the most trusted and widely used path for Georgians to purchase their own coverage.

Georgia would become the only state in the U.S. with a confusing, decentralized enrollment system. The proposed system would leave Georgians on their own to translate the sales lingo of insurance companies and sort through conflicting information about their plan options. For many, it will be harder to find a plan that truly fits their needs. Others will get lost in the process altogether and unintentionally become uninsured.

For what is likely the last time, health officials are asking for comments from Georgians about the Governor’s plan. The deadline to comment is September 23, 2020. Don’t miss your chance to say how this plan will affect you, your loved ones, and Georgians across the state! Tell health officials what you think today!

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What is the "coverage gap" and what does Medicaid expansion mean for Georgia?


tate leaders have an opportunity to expand health coverage to hundreds of thousands of Georgians through federal waivers. While falling short of other proposals to expand Medicaid eligibility, waiver plans submitted by the Kemp administration could potentially extend coverage to every Georgian with income below the poverty line.

The majority of Georgians who stand to gain are working in low-wage jobs where they’re not offered health benefits. Every year state lawmakers fail to expand Medicaid, our state rejects $3 billion set aside to pay for health coverage and support rural hospitals. The time for expanding coverage is now.

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