Health Stories

Stories help to put a human face to health care issues in Georgia. When you share your story, you help others understand the issue, its impact on Georgia, and its importance. Your health care story is so valuable because the reader may be your neighbor, friend, someone in your congregation, or your legislator. It may inspire others to share their stories or to become advocates. Share your story today.

Health Insurance Would Help Matt and Other Georgians Recover From Mental Illness

Access to health insurance is critical for Georgians living with mental illness. State lawmakers can help.

Many farmers struggle to protect most valuable part of their farm: themselves

No profession is more fundamental to society than agriculture, yet farming is also one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Julia of Rag & Frass Farm, like many Georgia farmers, has struggled to afford health insurance.

Retired Clay County Teacher Struggles with Multiple Conditions

Teresa began working as a teacher for the Headstart preschool program in 1994 but retired in 2010 because multiple health conditions made it difficult for her to work.

Grandmother in Georgia’s coverage gap

Susie is the sole caretaker of her young granddaughter, but she has a hard time caring for herself because she is stuck in Georgia’s coverage gap.

Mother in Lamar County relies on Medicaid for children

Valerie is a mother of three children living in Lamar County. Medicaid covers all three of Valerie’s children, and they rely on the health coverage it provides for their varying health needs.

For Travis, Medicaid means employment and giving back to the community

Travis suffered from a series of strokes when he was 11 years old that left him with several physical disabilities. He is one of the approximately 250,000 Georgians with disabilities to be covered by Medicaid.