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Contact Your Legislator

You can start making a difference in how health policy is made in our state and have your voice heard! Remind our leaders that after over a decade of waiting, hard-working, uninsured Georgians still do not have a pathway to health coverage.

Georgians deserve access to affordable, quality health care regardless of how little money is in our wallets. We deserve healthy hospitals whose doors are open to care for their communities. We deserve to visit the doctor when we’re sick and fill a prescription without worrying about whether to pay our rent or the medical bill.

Georgia deserves better and we can't afford to wait any longer. It's simple--Medicaid expansion is the best path forward for Georgians. 

Ask the Governor and our state legislators to expand Medicaid when they return to the state Capitol in January 2024. Use the form below to find your legislators and write a letter and make your voice heard!