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Medicaid celebrates its 58th year on July 30th!

Cover Georgia celebrates the 58th anniversary of Medicaid this Sunday, July 30th! Fifty-eight (58) years ago Medicaid was signed into law and since then has worked to provide affordable health care coverage to low-income children and families, pregnant people, people with disabilities, and seniors. One of Medicaid’s biggest lifetime achievements has been to narrow racial disparities in health care access all across the country.

This year, Medicaid’s birthday is happening amidst two BIG changes for Georgia’s Medicaid program:

1) From April 2023 to June 2024, Georgia will review almost all Medicaid members to see who still qualifies for coverage. The process is off to a rocky start, and almost 100,000 Georgians have lost their Medicaid coverage to date. If you, your children, or other loved ones are covered by Medicaid, stay in charge of your coverage by scrolling down to learn more. If you are not a Medicaid member, help spread the word in your community.

2) Georgia has rolled out a new program for some uninsured low-income adults called Pathways to Coverage. Scroll down for more information about Pathways, who qualifies for coverage, and how to apply.

Let’s celebrate Medicaid’s birthday by helping children and families keep their coverage during the Medicaid renewals process, getting as many Georgians as possible newly covered under the Pathways program, and keeping up the calls for Medicaid expansion!


Georgia Pathways to Coverage Program launched July 1st!

Governor Kemp’s Georgia Pathways to Coverage program (aka “Pathways” for short), officially launched on Saturday, July 1st. Pathways is a new Medicaid program for uninsured adults who are working at least part time and have low incomes.

Uninsured Georgia adults (ages 19-64) with incomes at or below the poverty level can apply for Medicaid coverage if they meet stringent work requirements. If you think you may qualify, visit gateway.ga.gov to apply for coverage.

For help with your application, reach out to GHF’s Health Insurance Navigators, Angelica Rivera and Deanna Williams. They can also answer other questions about your health insurance options.

More information about Pathways is available here. GHF will roll out new resources about the Pathways program in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Medicaid expansion is still the best option for Georgians and here’s why!

Estimates from the Georgia Department of Community Health suggest that 31,000-100,000 Georgians will gain coverage under the Pathways program. That means that Pathways will leave behind more than 300,000 Georgians who will remain uninsured.

Luckily, Georgia leaders can replace it with a program that covers more people, is simpler, and costs less per person: Medicaid expansion! Too many Georgians have been left without coverage for far too long. Our state leaders must choose the best way forward for our state. Medicaid expansion is the right choice.

How else can you celebrate?

Stay in charge of your Medicaid coverage! And help others do the same!

Medicaid & PeachCare members: renewals have begun. What steps can you take in maintaining your coverage ?

  1. Confirm that your contact information is updated and check your renewal date. All Medicaid members can find their individual renewal date in their Georgia Gateway account. Make sure Georgia Gateway has your current mailing address, phone number, email, or other contact information so they can easily contact you about your Medicaid or PeachCare coverage, and you can stay informed on your renewal process.
  2. Find your renewal date, while you’re in your Gateway account. On the Benefits Summary page, scroll down to the “My Renewals” section. Look for the sentence that says, “In (month) (year), you will need to complete a renewal to continue your benefits.” Mark that month on your calendar now!
  3. Check your mail and email regularly, especially when it gets close to your renewal date. You will get updates about the status of your Medicaid coverage in the mail or email. These updates will also let you know if you need to complete renewal paperwork to keep your Medicaid coverage or how to move to new health coverage.
  4. Complete and send in your renewal form (if you get one). Fill out the form and return it to the Georgia Department of Family & Children Services to avoid a gap in your Medicaid.
  5. If your Medicaid coverage ends, visit HealthCare.gov to find an affordable, comprehensive health plan. Financial help is available to lower your premium and other costs.

The steps you take now will help you stay in charge of your Medicaid coverage. Give yourself and your family the best chance of continuing to see the doctor, get prescriptions, and stay healthy. Please visit staycovered.ga.gov for more information.

If you have gone through the renewal process already, GHF wants to hear from you! Please share your renewal experienceYou can also text “MedEx” to “52886” to share your Medicaid renewal experience and enter a $100 giveaway.

*Standard message and data rates may apply.*

If you are not a Medicaid member, help spread the word in your community. Most Medicaid members do not know that their coverage must be renewed or what steps to take to renew it. Schools, child care centers, libraries, groceries, and other places that families visit are good spots to share this flier and other helpful information. Learn more on GHF’s landing page!

Want to do more to learn more about Medicaid?

Find out who is already covered by Medicaid in Georgia, how Medicaid benefits our health care system, and much more with these resources:

Spread the word on social media! Share one of our FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn posts and let others know that it’s time to take action on Medicaid expansion!