Ask Governor Kemp and your legislators to listen to Georgians and close Georgia’s coverage gap

According to a new analysis by Georgians for a Healthy Future, 9 out of 10 Georgians who submitted comments on Gov. Kemp’s Medicaid proposal opposed the plan. Most commenters preferred Medicaid expansion because it would cover more Georgians and makes more financial sense. Tell Governor Kemp and state legislators that they should take advantage of their shared responsibility to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding Medicaid to all low-income Georgians.

Medicaid expansion would quickly provide 567,000 uninsured Georgians with quality health coverage. Action on this issue is the most powerful step that state leaders can take to protect the health and financial well-being of Georgians and put our state in a position to successfully overcome COVID-19. Ask Governor Kemp and your state legislators to take swift action to extend health insurance coverage to all low-income Georgians today.

More than 2,700 comments about Gov. Kemp’s partial Medicaid expansion plan show that Georgians overwhelmingly prefer Medicaid expansion. By a 9-to-1 margin, Georgians feel that Gov. Kemp’s plan falls short, Georgians feel that Governor Kemp’s plan falls short, leaving too many Georgians without access to health coverage.

One commenter summed up the difference between the two plans like this: “Any plan that does not address the coverage gap is insufficient and ultimately fails Georgians. Refusing to address coverage on the front end means that our friends and family lead less productive lives and end up (with) bills they cannot afford that get left with the state at the end of the day. This is our problem one way or the other and the Governor’s Medicaid plan does not address the fundamental problem facing Georgians, which is the lack of basic health care.”

Georgia is one of 14 states that has not yet expanded Medicaid to cover 567,000 low-income Georgians—an action that is urgently needed as the state responds to a global pandemic. State leaders can take action now to finally close the coverage gap! Ask Governor Kemp and your state legislators to take swift action to extend health insurance coverage to all low-income Georgians today

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What is the "coverage gap" and what does Medicaid expansion mean for Georgia?


tate leaders have an opportunity to expand health coverage to hundreds of thousands of Georgians through federal waivers. While falling short of other proposals to expand Medicaid eligibility, waiver plans submitted by the Kemp administration could potentially extend coverage to every Georgian with income below the poverty line.

The majority of Georgians who stand to gain are working in low-wage jobs where they’re not offered health benefits. Every year state lawmakers fail to expand Medicaid, our state rejects $3 billion set aside to pay for health coverage and support rural hospitals. The time for expanding coverage is now.

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