Here are a few tools and resources to help you spread the word about Medicaid expansion!

Fulton County Shareable

Local Facts

Find out how many people would gain health coverage in your community if Georgia expands Medicaid. Download shareable infographics and printable fact sheets customized for each county.

Gold Dome

Candidate Question Guide

Find out where candidates stand on important health care issues. Here are eight important questions to ask candidates about Medicaid expansion and health policy.


Social Media Tool Kit

Use this tool kit with shareable graphics and short messages to spread the word about Medicaid expansion on social media. Make sure to tag your posts with #coverga too!


Medicaid 101

Get a quick refresher on what Medicaid is and how the program is already helping millions of Georgians across the state. Check out the fact sheet.

Insurance card handout screen

Health Insurance Fact Sheet

This fact sheet briefly describes who remains uninsured in Georgia and the benefits helping all Georgians access health insurance . This resource also issues a call to action for Georgia’s policy makers!


Fast Facts About Expansion

Have a question (or two) about Medicaid expansion? Check out these fast facts to get the most important details.

Coverage Map

Interactive County Map

Browse this interactive map for county-by-county data about how many Georgians would gain health coverage through Medicaid expansion. The map also shows regional data about how much uncompensated care hospitals provide. Check out the map.

Coverage Gap Graphic

National Research & Data

The Kaiser Family Foundation offers a number of insightful and authoritative resources about Medicaid expansion from a national perspective. Visit to learn more about Medicaid expansion, the coverage gap and the Affordable Care Act.