Commit to Comment

Commit to Comment

The Peach State is still in peril and needs your help!

State leaders are making tweaks to their two waiver plans now but these changes will not fix the plans’ biggest flaws. The Medicaid plan leaves thousands of Georgians with no meaningful pathway to coverage and the other gives insurance companies the upper hand against consumers with private insurance. These plans put the health and finances of Georgia families and consumers at risk. Now more than ever your voice will be needed to let Governor Kemp know how these plans will affect you, your loved ones, and Georgians across the state.

You will soon have another opportunity to shape Georgia’s plans for health coverage. Once Georgia leaders have finalized their plans and filed paperwork with the federal government, policy makers must ask for your input again! This time, they will ask for comments on about one plan at a time, starting with the Medicaid plan. We expect the comment period for the Medicaid plan to begin in the first half of January.

Be ready to take action again. Commit to commenting in the next round!

We will let you know when the next public comment period begins and ends. We will once again provide an easy way for you to have your say!