Ask State Lawmakers to Help Rural Georgia by Expanding Health Coverage

Ask State Lawmakers to Help Rural Georgia by Expanding Health Coverage

Tell State Lawmakers to Prioritize Expanding Access to Health Insurance

Rural Georgia needs more access to affordable health care and health insurance. Seven rural Georgia hospitals have closed since 2013, and many more are struggling to serve a high number of patients who lack health insurance. The problem is only getting worse. The uninsured rate could climb to more than 25 percent in rural Georgia communities by 2026.

Fortunately, state lawmakers can help many Georgians afford health insurance by leveraging billions of federal dollars meant to pay for coverage. Lawmakers can put a health insurance card in the pockets of almost half a million Georgians by crafting a Georgia plan to increase coverage and support rural hospitals. And lawmakers need to hear from you about why this issue matters.

The Letter

Use this form to identify your state legislators and send them an email about why you care about efforts to expand health coverage in Georgia. The message will be sent to both of your state lawmakers.

  1. Change the subject line to make it your own. Why does this issue resonate with you?
  2. Why do you care about expanding access to health care? Add your personal anecdote or perspective to the letter. What experiences do you have that inform your views on this? It can be as simple as, “I care about expanding access to health care because…”
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